Welcome to Utmost Adventure!

Utmost Adventure Trekking is established and run by experienced, energetic and passionate team of young hardworking people. Our team consists of skilled professionals who have been providing services to travelers for several years. Today we offer our customers wide range of services such as trekking in himalaya, peak climbing, expeditions, city sightseeing, cultural and religious tour, white water rafting, wildlife safari and mountain biking. Also we have extended our range of services in Tibet, India as well as Bhutan. We ensure that our customers take the best experience and pure satisfaction of our services.

Hence, we have customers who come back to us year after year with their positive word of mouth to their reference groups therefore making us one of the renowned trekking companies.
We are always working towards finding new ways to make our service quality better, step by step. We feel blissfully honored to know that our satisfied clients have increased in each and every package we operate, by our excellent bespoke services.
Furthermore, our customers can stay connected with the local people and their culture as our guides are well versed about the variety of the cultures, habits, people and the community in the areas of travel. We hope to provide our customers utmost experiences and pure satisfaction.

We arrange all the services and trips with crucial care. For customer safety we pay minute attention to details for our clients by giving correct information and briefing to them beforehand, making sure that all needed equipments are functioning and well packed. We also ensure that our guides and porters are skilled and well prepared for traveling. More to that, we make sure that our guides have minimum basic first aid knowledge. While traveling we pay attention especially to environmental issues to protect the nature and animals, by throwing our junk or waste only at the rubbish bins or carry it with us back, so that they are recycled later.